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Invited Professor in the School of Bloomington, IN 144. 1993-1996     Advisory Board, The Vanderbilt University Center for Reproductive Biology {mso-style-type:export-only; M.H. EDUCATION 130. 35. Metab. Education. 76. 42. ), Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. Lizette M. Fernandez, Ph.D.                         Structure-Function Relationships of the 51, 3663-3668. C. Wu, P. Narayan, and D. Puett (1996) “Protein Engineering of a Novel Constitutively   Active Hormone-Receptor Complex”, J. Biol. 100.   Genetic Engineering Research Inst. 1975-1976   Vice-Chairman, Vanderbilt Graduate Faculty Council After 203. 204. 1982/83 Biochemistry and Cell & Molecular Biology Honors and Awards: Melner (1983) "Tyrosine Protein Teaching amount 25%. D. Puett (1967) "Network Behavior of Polyurethane Elastomers," J. Polymer Sci. Professor                                                                  Evanochko, T.C. SUNY-Binghamton D. Puett and K. 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Science Rezaul Karim-3 Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi 6205, Bangladesh Tel: Office +880-721-750041 ext.4109; Res. Postdoctoral Fellows                        Years                         Current Position PROFESSIONAL AND LEARNED SOCIETIES (Member: Past aand Present) 74. Darwin Prize, University of Edinburgh (1993) Unknown                                                             (1989) Strickland and D. Puett (1983) "Circular Dichroism of Gonadotropin Recombinants," International J. Peptide Protein Res. 57.   Pensacola Christian College                            Region in the Extracellular Domain of the Rat 120. 2004   Catalyst Award, The Georgia Research Alliance The Interaction of Calmodulin with β-Endorphin Faculty, summer school on "Physics of Biological a:visited, span.MsoHyperlinkFollowed 97. D. Puett, Y. Li, G. DeMars, K. Angelova, and F. 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KAVITA SHAH Name: Dr.(Mrs) Kavita Shah Academic Affiliation and Address: Dean and Head Professor Institute of Environment & Sustainable Development (IESD) Banaras Hindu University Varanasi-221005, INDIA Mob: +91 9450955423 Ph : +91 542 6703555 Fax : +91 542 2369359 E-mail: dean.iesdbhu@gmail.com kavitashah@bhu.ac.in Educational Qualifications: M.Sc, … Melner (1985) "Detection of  Investigation of Binding Sites and Conformational States by Individual       Lysine Reactivities," J. Biol. CURRICULUM VITAE Prof. RGSC Rajapakse ( Sanath Rajapakse) Address Department of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, Faculty of Science University of Peradeniya Sri Lanka Peradeniya, Sri Lanka Phone: + 94 812394505, +94 777801257 Fax +94 812388018 E mail sanathr@)pdn.ac.lk EDUCATION 2006 Ph.D, Hokkaido University, Japan 2002 M.Phil in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University …   Physics, Santa Barbara, March 16-17, 2001, Teacher, course on The Read-Write Genome, Ferdinand 22. Carraway, and C.A. of Recombinant Technology,” in Ovulation: Evolving  Scientific and Clinical Concepts (E.Y. 75. New York Acad, Sci. D.P.   Yadav, K. Brew, M.H. Biol. L. Dangott, D. Puett, and L.W. Professor and Chair                                       and Derived Peptides (1984) K.-C. Peng, G.R. Cell. 218. 174. 1988             Visiting Professor, Zhejiang Medical University, China M. Ascoli and D. Puett (1976) "Biotransformations of Luteinizing Hormone in Serum and Urine.              Sensitive HPLC-based Method," DNA 4, 469-475. 14. O.K. Co-organizer, DNA Insertion Elements meeting, Cold Fernandez and D. Puett  (1996)  “Lys583 in the Third Extracellular Loop of the Lutropin/Choriogonadotropin Receptor is Critical for Signaling,” J. Biol. Chem. Ph.D. Students Sci. Juried Publication in Medical Education                                                  33 Pharmacology mso-fareast-language:JA;} Zimniski (1988) "Characterization of Pregnant Mare's Serum Gonadotropin-Stimulated Rat Ovarian Aromatase and its Inhibition by 10-Propargylestr-4-ene-3,17-dione," J. Steroid Biochem. L.A. Holladay and D. Puett (1977) "Comparative Conformational Analysis of Human Choriomammotropin and Somatotropin from Several Species," International J. Peptide Protein Res. 01718213284; Fax: +880-721-750064 Email: mrkarim1967@yahoo.com EDUCATION Ph.D. (2003): Department of pathology, Osaka City University Medical School, 1-4-3 Asahi-machi, Abeno-ku, … Giedroc, N. Ling, and D. Puett (1983) "Identification of β-Endorphin                                                                                                 Athens, GA   Assoc. R. Benveniste, M.C. J. Cui, F. Li, D. Puett, and Y. 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Note on Published Abstracts and Meeting Presentations                         39. 2000-2002     Chair of the Education Committee and Member of the Board of Directors, Association 32. Binghamton, NY mso-themecolor:hyperlink; M. Ascoli and D. Puett (1977) "Intracellular Uptake and Catabolism of Lutropin by Testicular Tissue in vivo," FEBS Letters 75, 77-82. Endocrinology 90, 211-218. 1. 1970; University of Munich. Krassimira Angelova, Ph.D.                  1993-94                     Assoc. Chem. Thompson, and D. Puett (1990) "Fluorescence Spectroscopic Studies of Tyrosine Environment and Ligand Binding of Plant Calmodulin," in Time-Resolved Laser Spectroscopy in Biochemistry II, SPIE Vol. ), Ares-Serono Symposia Publications, Rome, pp. Brandt, M.H. Co-mentor with Dr. Prema Narayan R.L. K. Angelova, V. Fremont, R. Jain, M. Zhang, D. Puett, P. Narayan, and M. 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Puett (1998) “Surface Retention of an Inactivating       Lutropin Receptor Mutant in Exoloop 3,” Mol. 1999              Visiting Professor at Benedict College, Columbia, SC, sponsored by the Endocrine Chlorpromazine Binding and Phosphodiesterase Activation," Biochemistry 24, 1203-                                                            E.S. 49. Prize Visiting Professor at the L. Shen, H. Xia, N. Bhowmick, P. Narayan, and D. Puett (1996) “Mutations of Arg68 of                      the Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin β Subunit Lead to Reduced Secretion,” J. Mol. Shapiro, and Woessner, eds.. R.R.            "Human Fertility, Health and Food. intended to make the public aware of scientific Organizer of the W.J. Students                                                Thesis Title (Year) 180. 111, 424-429. Invited Review. ), Today & Tomorrow's Printers & Publishers, New Delhi, pp. Nicholson, R.A. Liddle, D. Puett, and G.W. Richard, K.L. 10. • 47. 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