; Reforge the amulet in Reachwater Rock. Reforge the Gauldur Amulet: With the three Gauldur Fragments in your possession, head for the marker at Reachwater Rock, which is southeast of Markarth. Folgunthur is a medium-sized Nordic ruin located southeast of Solitude. You have a few Draugr and a Restless Draugr. I've checked everywhere to find the combination, and tried dozens, but can't get through, just get … Färdigt Gräs Kristianstad. The ruins have two interior zones: Folgunthur and Folgunthur Crypt, which houses the tomb of Mikrul Gauldurson. The first and the fourth door were unsynchronized (one is closed when the other is open). It should be Eagle/Dolphin/Serpent The quest line is: Forbidden Legend-Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Geirmund's Hall (this is located EAST of Ivarstead on a small island and not in the same place where you're doing this mission!-Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Folgunthur Counterclockwise you need to … – l I Nov 16 '11 at 23:31. It seems I'm unable to get past the lever-puzzle, simply because none of the walkthrough-videos or the guide(s) are correct (for me). You should set them in exactly the same order as in the previous room (i.e. Folgunthur Puzzle 3 Pillars. Go back into the middle room and pull the chain on the wall opposite the chairs and … Saarthal is part of the missions "Under Saarthal" of the college of Winterhold. – danjah Mar 18 '17 at 11:36. A site and forum dedicated to Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Online, and the rest of the TES universe. Forbidden Legend is one of the quests in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Its over on the left side near the corner. There are several blue and red mountain flowers, a canis root plant, a thistle, a dragon's tongue and gourd growing on the island. Forbidden Legend: Investigate the forgotten Gauldur Legend. snake, fish, hawk). To the right of the throne chairs there is a lever, activate the lever and go into the room on the right. Pretty easy place. Lever Puzzle solution: Locked Gate L1 L3 L2 L4---You----Pull levers L3 and L2 to the UP position to open the gates. One quick note: you can use the DRAGON CLAW in … I just want to know the combination for the rotating pillars in that particular room. The path out of here is to the right, but be careful of the grated floor dropping out on you (there’s a lever to the right to make it stay in place). This is a PUZZLE. For the first puzzle door, turn the 1st pillar on the right-side of the wall to Eagle, then further up on the right-side again, turn the 2nd pillar to Dolphin. You can find Germund's Hall south-south-west of Windhelm and north-west of Riften: Germund's Hall is a part of the Forbidden Legend Quest line. But the stones have to correlate a certain way. Ask questions, discuss strategy, and share ideas! I'm terribly stuck at a pillar-puzzle in the caverns of Folgunthur, one of the locations for the quest "Forbidden Legend". To access the inner portion of Geirmund's Hall, the Dragonborn needs to solve this puzzle Components . My first puzzle came early, or at least I thought it was a puzzle. This quest can begin by finding and reading a copy of Lost Legends, or the Ancient Edict in Reachwater Rock, or simply finding Daynas Valen's abandoned camp and reading his notes. Folgunthur Puzzle Lever. Acquisition : Livre « Légende perdue » ou visiter un des trois donjons de la quête Condition : Aucune Récompense : Gauldur Noirlame + bâton de Jyrik Gauldurson + Arc Noir de Gauldur + Amulette de Gauldur Quête associée : « Sous Saarthal » Folgunthur. There is a short hallway in it that is blocked by four metal gates that are raised and lowered using four levers in that same hallway. They control 4 gates. ... Loot away and take the nearby door back to Folgunthur and out to Skyrim. NocturnX posted on Nov 20, 2011 9:53:54 PM - Report post I'm in a ruin called Folgunthur. Its in Folgunthur, near the entrance. On the right side of the door you will find a lever - don't pull it, or you will be stabbed by spikes.The mechanism which will lower the bridge can be found behind your back, high on the wall. Forgotten Legends Folgunthur broken gates solution Okay so I could not find anything to fix this problem, but I finally figured it out. I tried 1st left + 2nd right & 1st + 2nd left & 2nd right, but neither allows me to open all four gates at the same time.. Folgunthur Pillar Puzzle Issue - posted in Skyrim Technical Support: Currently I am in Folgunthur doing the Forbidden Legend quest and have come to the pillar puzzle room. There are two iron ore veins just east of the entrance and one corundum ore vein a short distance to the northwest. The gate will open and you will descend further into the tomb, investigating the Claw to discover the answer to the next puzzle, Hawk-Whale-Snake. ; Detailed Walkthrough [] The Legend of Gauldur [] "The history of Skyrim is vast, predating even the most ancient records of man and mer. The pillars are them same, copy this sequence in the room on the left. Walkthrough [] Exterior []. This quest stage only appears if the Dragonborn finds the Ancient Edict first. There is a chest to the South East, but watch out for the traps. Pulled the lever at the side of the throne and gained access to the secret room with the puzzle in it. If you’re doing the forgotten legend quest and the four lever gate puzzle seams unsolvable it is, I don’t know why mine was like this but no matter what I did it couldn’t be fixed. Related Quests. I'm terribly stuck at a pillar-puzzle in the caverns of _Folgunthur_, one of the locations for the quest "Forbidden Oh that is just classic, I looked everywhere, but finally this handle right beside another handle! There’s four levers and the way to open all the gates is: The closest left; The farest left; The closest right; Another room requires you to mirror the pillars on the other side. Use the Ivory Dragon Claw to open the gate and cross the bridge deeper into the tomb. Puzzle Door. Head down the stairs into the flooded room. Head towards the corridor to the SW, and reach a locked gate with four levers near it, two levers on each side. Pulled the lever at the side of the throne and gained access to the secret room with the puzzle in it. You will come across a lever puzzle. There is a combination gate which needs to be unlocked. Forbidden Legend is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in which the Dragonborn must recover the separated fragments of The Gauldur Amulet from various Ancient Nord ruins to be reforged and defeat the bound spirits of the sons of Arch-Mage Gauldur. Caccia Al Tesoro. :D ) (Im guessing due to a bug.) Then pull the lever to open the door. On the right hand side of the room there's a lever that reveals a secret room. Nadarang Lyrics. 2 levers on the right, 2 on the left. You'll find the solution to the puzzle door on the Ivory Dragon Claw: eagle, eagle, dragon (from top to bottom). Past the puzzle door you'll come to the Folgunthur Crypt, where you'll discover the sarcophagus of Mikrul Gauldurson. Daynas Valen's tent outside Folgunthur. Its in Folgunthur, near the entrance. When you approach it, Mikrul and … Hawk Glyph; Whale Glyph; Snake Glyph; E Solution . Solution to the Folgunthur Pillar Puzzle in Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. I have gone into the first room seen the 3 pillars, pulled the lever and gone into the 2nd room to mirror them. Quick Walkthrough []. SAARTHAL A big mechanism will open the door to the left of the throne. The Geirmund's Hall Turn-Stone Puzzle Puzzle Overview . Learn of the Gauldur legend. I just want to know the combination for the rotating pillars in that particular room. now I … On the right hand side of the room there's a lever that reveals a secret room. Defeat them and loot the room. ; Read Daynas Valen's journal and notes in Folgunthur to learn the truth in the legend. Head out of the room and pull the lever by the throne on the left. But when I actually tried to solve the puzzle, it was impossible. If you are looking at the gate, the order you pull the levers in is 4-3-1-2-3. Turn the 1st pillar on the left-hand side to Dolphin, and the 2nd pillar on the left-side again to Snake. Defeat a couple Draugrs inside the room, approach the platform and take the Lord Geirmund's Key from the dead man's hand (screen above). You go into Folgunthur looking for the Gauldar Amulet, you loot the Ebony Claw off of Daynas Valen and then use it to cross the bridge, after the bridge to the right (after a few Draugr) is a lever puzzle. The guides for the mages quests… Rendez-vous devant le donjon de Folgunthur au Nord de Morthal et lisez le journal de Daynas Valen qui se trouve sous une tente (image1-2). And there is no way to manipulate the two doors separately, (or is there?) just to clarify, the lever is on the wall directly behind you when facing the same way as my screenshot. Pulled the lever at the side of the throne and gained access to the secret room with the puzzle in it. Opening the Folgunthur Door - posted in Skyrim Questions and Help: I'm near the end of the quest in Folgunthur. Folgunthur Lever Puzzle ELITE. The answer to this puzzle is in the next room. Look at the claw! The first lever will is a trap and it will bring out the spikes on the wall to the right side of the lever. Move onwards, kill some more enemies and approach the drawbridge. I don't remember which one of the tombs that is, but I think the … Folgunthur 4 Gates/Levers Puzzle Bug - posted in Skyrim Technical Support: At first I was testing each lever to understand the puzzle. ;) (took me 45 mins to figure out - doh! Behind it there's a slightly more powerful Draugr and a puzzle consisting of three animal figures. You can find the first two amulet fragements in Saarthal and in Fulgunthur. When I pull the chain to pull the grate nothing happens (other than poison darts). There are several upright stones and three patches of bleeding crown fungus in front and either side of the entrance. Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Folgunthur. -Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Folgunthur (Puzzle Solution is to pull the right-front lever and left-rear lever to open the path) -Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Geirmunds Hall (Puzzle Solution is right lever opens a door to three large stone heads. Folgunthur Puzzle 4 Pillars. www.jeuxvideo.com › wikis-soluce-astuces › 575459 › une-legende-interdite.htm ; Find the three parts of the amulet in Saarthal, Geirmund's Hall, and Folgunthur. My first stop is Folgunthur.