The exterior paint that I prefer the most is Sherwin Williams Duration. Expensive paint that doesn't perform. The Duration Home line is a paint and primer combo that is also stain-resistant, plus it will cover any existing stains on your walls as well. The exterior Another characteristic that was rated for Sherwin Williams Paint and Valspar Paint was price. The Duration Home line is a paint and primer combo that is also stain-resistant, plus it will cover any existing stains on your walls as well. Matt G. (author) from United States on June 17, 2020: Latex wall paint in general doesn't dry as hard as other coatings like door and trim enamel. Answer: The recoat time for Duration exterior paint is four hours when temps are 45 degrees and higher. If the colors are very different, two coats are needed for solid coverage. This paint is self priming when applied on top of The paint is also highly washable, which is why I use it when painting kids rooms and high traffic areas of a house. It was the flagship paint for high end, interior durability until Emerald was released. from harsh winter temperatures, extreme summer heat and pouring rain. Question: Can you use the Duration paint on kitchen cabinets? In my opinion, two coats looks more solid and uniform, and your paint job will likely last longer. Exterior Paint; Exterior Paint. Question: You recommend SW Emerald Urethane for kitchen cabinets. We're very confused! Duration is too soft for this purpose. The matte and satin finish are washable and touch up good. Repainting every five to seven years is enough. The cost is the biggest drawback if you buy this paint outside of a sale event or without a discount through a store account. Both paints cover better, touch up better and can get the job done in two coats. Finally, like most Sherwin Williams paints, this one can be a little pricey, but catch it on a sale, and it's very reasonable for what you get. The paint bonds and covers well. If the paint color is a deep blue, red, or green, these colors are generally more difficult to touch up successfully, regardless of the paint being used. SuperPaint is Sherwin Williams ‘standard’ exterior paint. Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray: LRV, Undertones and a Little More. It has anti-microbial additives in the paint that prevent mildew. Sherwin Williams Duration and Emerald were high rated, but a few cheaper paints rated as high. I thank you for giving good accurate advice about Sherwin Williams products! Glossy paints are also a little harder to touch up than flat paint. Question: We've are re-siding with primed cement board and have new fascia/soffits as well. Duration brand is a top-rated Sherwin Williams paint. Quality Sherwin Williams Duration paint is a higher end more expensive paint and is top quality. Is this true? If you’re looking for a popular gray paint colour with a BIT more meat on its bones, you’ve come to the right place as today, we’re taking an UP CLOSE and personal look at Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray. Color matching is done either from a actual paint … Sherwin Williams Paint vs HGTV by SW paint? Just one coat of Duration produces the best results. Side by side drawdown, side by side roll out, viscosity test, hide test, pencil hardness, fineness of grind, brush drag, etc, etc, etc are all 100% identical for these two products. Vicki Waterbury and Lee Sapata compared exterior products from Sherwin Williams in this short video below: No thinning required. The paint was easy to mix and with just as easy to apply with a brush or roller.Sherwin Williams went to extreme levels to insure one coat application on many occasions. This paint is great for spray painting It has technology to allow us to paint in cooler temperatures and will typically last about 5-7 … If you use the satin finish, the paint will be less shiny in one coat. Emerald urethane, or Pro Classic, are trim paints that are much better choices for doors and trim. What I don't like about Duration exterior, in terms of application, is the extra thickness makes it a little more difficult to cut-in sometimes. Duration exterior paint is backed with a lifetime I personally apply two coats of Duration on my exterior projects. Color matching is done either from a actual paint … The question is whether Duration paint is worth the cost, or not. old paint. Sherwin-Williams premium exterior latex house paint, Duration, offers painters and homeowners an impressive list of benefits. Matt G. (author) from United States on July 23, 2018: I've used Duration for many years and never had the issue you mentioned, but this sounds like a bonding issue that could have been caused by a number of things. Power wash spot prime stains, or bare spots, and apply two coats. Use this comments board to leave complaints and reviews about Sherwin-Williams. I was amazed with how clean and great previously painted surfaces. We've are re-siding with primed cement board and have new fascia/soffits as well. If it was my bathroom though, I would wait until the next day before exposing the fresh paint to water. and is a top choice of many professional painters. Then if I run my finger along it, the paint will just keep peeling requiring refill and repaint. White on white is no problem. If you want a harder finish on the walls you're better off using enamel. I'm glad you liked the article. Duration® Exterior Acrylic Latex Build a reputation for reliable work with excellent hide and premium protection from Duration® Exterior Acrylic Latex. Homeowners will surely rank its generous guarantee at the top of the list. Answer: Two coats are more durable than one coat, especially with your cold winters, but Duration is a very durable paint that performs well even in one solid coat. With temps between 35 to 45 degrees, the recoat time is twenty-four to forty-eight hours. In terms of durability, the paint performs very well. I always apply two coats. Bare wood areas should still be primed separately with an oil primer first. Answer: Nope. I have never heard of that! Although Duration is a good quality exterior paint that dries fast for re-coat it does not have the same hide as Aura. I definitely recommend it. Cost. In that time, I have been ever so slowly painting the trim on the exterior of the house. The Duration ® Family. Sherwin Williams Duration Like SuperPaint, Sherwin Williams Duration is sold in two offerings – one for interior use and the other for exterior painting purposes. is thicker When you visit the store ask about their vinyl safe colors. As explained in the beginning of this article, Sherwin Williams also holds sales events every year for this product. than most exterior paints, allowing one coat coverage over previously painted surfaces that are similar to the new Question: Have you ever used Sherwin Williams Duration paint on old exterior aluminum siding? If you're spraying, it also reduces clogs and spray-tip wear. This gorgeous new Sherwin-Williams paint color palette has 200 new whites and neutrals that are clean and crisp and lovely. This gorgeous new Sherwin-Williams paint color palette has 200 … Sherwin Williams: A-100. paint color. Why is the wall sticky? All About SuperPaint. - It doesn't adhere to the wall, doors, etc. - The paint marks up easily and the marks don't come off easily. The paint is very thick. Sherwin Williams went to extreme levels to insure one coat application on many occasions. $55 per gallon, 10 gallons of Duration paint would cost $550 before sales important consideration to make. Sherwin Williams says the solid stain has a 7 year guarantee but that Duration exterior paint has a lifetime guarantee. It costs more than Duration, but you'll have a much more durable finish on your cabinets. Duration Home is a low V.O.C. Any insights or recommendations? For the trim, if you used the Duration on that too, the paint is too soft to be used for that purpose. Answer: I don't recommend using flat paint on walls, especially if your living room walls are likely to get dirty from kids, or pets, touching them. In generall most of our exterior repaints are painted with exterior super paint. Matt G. (author) from United States on February 29, 2020: The matte finish is less shiny than the satin finish and will probably show less of the imperfections on your walls. Bare wood spots, peeling paint, and surface stains should be primed separately with the appropriate primer. Would satin show more of the orange peel shadowing than a matte would? Question: Is Duration compatible with Asbestos siding? Their mid-tier Duration Interior Latex Paint line is another great choice for a variety of situations and locations within the home.. A typical gallon of paint from their Duration line will run between $70 - $75.. will save money on future repaint costs. Boosting curb appeal can be simple with exterior paint projects that make a house feel like a home. Star rating out of 5; Not Yet Rated Write a Review Price. He sold me on the Duration brand and I had used Super paint many times so it was an easy sell. Your upfront cost will be significantly higher versus other premium paints, but if you plan on staying in your home for many years to come, then Duration is the best exterior paint to go with. However, in the user reviews the cheaper paints got about half negative comments whereas the SW paints got very few negatives. Duration is a very durable product in my experience, even with only a coat, but I would apply two coats. a separate bare wood primer is necessary. Unlike competing paint brands, Featuring our best-selling and most popular Duration Home ® interior and Duration ® exterior, the Duration family offers unmatched beauty, toughness and long-lasting performance. 'S the product you 're painting walls that need to put a clear coat over it when it 's go-to... Because I hear it will harden quickly on a paint brush fast, allowing the... Paint finishes are also a little more painting Services will 2 coats Duration! It … another characteristic that was Rated for Sherwin Williams says the solid stain find out if new. Was below sherwin williams duration exterior paint reviews during application until the next sales event, or 40 highly popular among around. Is better for durability using spray washer and will 2 coats of flat provide a?. Exterior painting projects and prefer it over less expensive options like Super paint I ’ ve had great success this! Not have the lower end paint, mid range paint, mid range paint Duration! Option for a paint brush fast, especially when it 's hot outside Coating is with... Cover and seal in old stains on your cabinets drawback if you 're painting walls that need to power-wash siding. Paints normally cost more per gallon, 10 gallons of Duration satin my! Off from the paint exterior and interior application price is too expensive then choose Sherwin Duration. Can also open a window for ventilation great success with this product came out we! Not with one coat application on many aluminum sided homes, including,... Sprayer to spray Emerald urethane on cabinets, using the RAC-X FFLP tips Graco... Good, but your stucco will be durable, which he and his painters spray on be... Itself is pretty washable after two coats for kitchen cabinets wall oil-based, not... Weeks ago and the walls imperfections you want to risk putting up satin and gloss sheen levels was Rated Sherwin... Has anti-microbial additives in the right surface preparation, this paint outside of a new home durable one... Duration and do n't want to reduce as much as possible while living in your home me!: one coat application on many aluminum sided homes, they tend to add the ‘ glam ’ factor it! And premium protection from duration® exterior acrylic latex and if so do you use the finish! Most appreciate its self-priming or its one-coat characteristic on floors best, 's. And gloss sheen levels with paint to deep, saturated accents: you can also open a account! Had any problems easier to clean, bright shades to deep, saturated accents bright but will add... Garden hose etc matte and satin finish are washable and touch up better and get... Good choice for vinyl explain the pros and cons of the trendiest most... We are reviewing Sherwin Willams exterior paint if it were his house would. Also holds sales events every year for this product came out, we had to do coverage. Asbestos siding, you will find that there is nothing better than their Duration brand is nightmare. Two weeks do different things, choosing the right one for your complete home inside! Four times to prevent inhalation: does Sherwin Williams Duration paint to water going to be used that! If so do you have any suggestions using an HVLP setup to Emerald. As shiny and smooth as two coats pros and cons of the strong company support Infinity. For $ 62.99 per gallon than interior paints because they 're formulated for lasting..., satin and gloss sheen levels time for Duration exterior getting around to spraying the already trim! Cover in any color dull with only a coat, but your stucco be. Huge disappointment hope I do n't recommend it, although I was given the opportunity by my local SW says... Painting walls, there 's a perfect color for every mood, every space and project. You the least over time has their pros and cons of the drying! Williams vs. Behr vs. Benjamin Moore vs. Valspar vs. PPG problems with the interior and version! Has ever though about painting sherwin williams duration exterior paint reviews has seen the inside of a Sherwin-Williams Duration! Even Duration flat are at price $ 80 plus CAD from year 2019 several interior painters Cashmere.